Easy way to get cash

If you want to get money online easily, then you´ve come to the right place. Today we´ll show you two of the best ways to get money online:

1) Wedding list of Amazon Spain (MOST RECOMENDED TO EARN 350€/381$)

Since February 1, 2019, Amazon pays €3.50 for referred visitors from your website who create an Amazon Wedding Listing, meaning you can easily earn €350 or more in 1 month (a minimum wage in certain regions such as Latin America).

Amazon Wedding Registry offers couples access to over 250 million products, ensuring they can fully customize their registry and benefit from:

  • Recommendation of the best products from wedding list
  • Share th wedding list with friends and parents at just one click in social media or email.
  • Thank you list downloable to track easily the gifts.
  • Free shiping for prime members.

Steps to get the 350€

  • Step 1: >>Click here<< and when already there follow the next steps (*)
  • Step 2: Click where it says «Tu lista de bodas» as shown in the image below (*)
  • Step 3: When done the previous step you must fill the required information (they can be fake information, except for the email that must be real because you’ll receive there a verification email) (*)

«Tu nombre» means «you name» and » Tu apellido» means «Your surname»

«Nombre de tu pareja» means «Your partner » and «Apellido de tu pareja» means «Your partner’s surname»

Other required information are shown in the image below

After completing all the required information click the yellow button «Guardar cambios»

  • Step 4: After filling the form you must add about 5 products in your wedding list(*)
Click the link circled in red to start adding products to your wedding list
then click the yellow buttons to finish adding products step
  • Step 5: If you don’t have an Amazon Spain account you won’t be able to do the previous steps, if so sign up for a Amazon Spain afiliates account (To understand how to sign up in amazon Spain afiliates, >>check this video<<(spanish) and also >>this video<<(english))
  • Paso 6: After signing up, log in your Amazon afiliados account, and go to «Ofertas y programas especiales» and click «lista de bodas«
  • Step 7: When you click on «lista de bodas» you’ll find there an explanation of the wedding list promotion, it will tell you that you will earn €3.50 each person that makes a wedding list from your link in amazon spain and also will tell you that your referal link has to follow this format: http://www.amazon.es/wedding?tag=AssociateTrackingID, you must change AssociateTrackingID by your nick, which is shown in the top right corner of the page, where it says «Afiliado: » so for example it says «Afiliado: usuaya-21» then your referal link should be http://www.amazon.es/wedding?tag=usuaya-21
  • Step 8: Publish your link in all your social media you have, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. The target is to get about 100 people that makes a wedding list using your referal link
  • Step 9: You’ll be able to withdraw your earning when you reach 25€ and after 2 months of that. to collect your earning you should use Payoneer and request there the Global Payment Service to have an european bank account and cashout your earning with it

Warning: Make sure you put in your afiliate registration process the right webpages you will use to promote your referal link, because some people have reported that it is a common reason to get banned. To set it up correctly you should enter in the links shown below

2) Remotask

Remotask is a page that pays to perform micro tasks related to AI (artificial intelligence) programming for certain companies

For each type of work, training must be carried out beforehand and one must try to do it as accurately as possible, otherwise one can be expelled for a certain category of tasks

In Remotesk you can earn between 1 to 15 cents for simple tasks such as categorization, work with 2d images, etc. and 1$ or more for Lidar works (drawing of 3d cubes)

Pay by Paypal and AirTM and there is no minimum charge

Register for free and earn money at remotask

(*) необязательный шаг